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Be Unrealistic and Dream Big

17th April 2020

Is it really Friday again? I can’t believe it is time for yet another weekly pep talk from Graham the Good (aka Graham Stuart- one of our resellers and our bearer of positive news in these difficult times)
We trust you will find them useful and empowering – feel free to share them with your colleagues, co-workers and friends.

We live in a world where limitations are not only accepted, but also encouraged. As soon as we’re born, we are taught who we can be and who we can’t be. We are covered with cultural and social limitations that tell us how to live our life. But you don’t need rules or fulfill society expectations. 

Dreams are the fuel of our existence. They are the foundation of our life. 

All you need to do is to fulfill your destiny, express your nature and your true potential. You need to “dis-learn” what school, society and your family taught you about life and learn to dream big and set huge-unrealistic exciting goals. Small goals and small dreams are useless, they are killing your success. The greatest dreams are always unrealistic. 

Think about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein or Amelia Earhart. There is nothing realistic and logical about the things they achieved, plus they were all “troublemakers”.

So, break the rules (don’t get arrested for doing anything illegal though), dream big and expect big achievement, because unrealistic things happen to unrealistic people.

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About the Author:

Nikky van Bommel is the Marketing Director for Big 5 Assessments and has worked in the Psychometric Testing industry for over 10 years. Nikky is responsible for all marketing and social media for the organisation.

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