Pre Employment Testing & Assessments

Our pre-employment testing and assessment solutions are designed to help you reduce employee turnover and improve employee performance by ensuring you can quickly and accurately identify the best candidates for any given job role.

Online Psychometric Tests & Assessments

The award winning and industry recognised "Big 5" range of psychometric tests and assessments ensure that you have much more to go on than just a CV and interview process alone and provide insights into:

  1. Job Fit (Personality & Cognitive Ability)
  2. Company Fit (Attitude & Engagement)

Highly affordable and requiring little or no training or expert interpretation, Big 5 Assessments are used by thousands of companies around the globe to hire, train, and promote the right people for the right jobs. The ease of use, custom benchmarking, applicant ranking, and data mining capabilities make it the right choice for both large and small companies.

Personality Questionnaire

The Personality Assessment measures the "Big Five" personality traits and behavioural characteristics.

Cognitive Ability Test

The Cognitive Ability Test measures an individuals ability, speed of problem solving and learning styles.

Attitude Assessment

The Attitude Assessment measures counter-productive behaviours during the pre-hire screening process.

Engagement Survey

The Engagement Survey measures the engagement between an individual, their job and also to their employer.

Numerical Reasoning

Essential...if the candidate needs to be good with numbers and figures for success in the role.

Verbal Reasoning

Critical...if the candidate needs to be good with comprehending, articulating ideas and developing strategy for success in the role.

Spatial Reasoning

Imperative...if the candidate needs to be good with with solving object or pattern related problems for success in the role.

Vocabulary Test

Crucial...if the candidate needs to understand and communicate complex language for success in the role.

Bespoke Assessments

Our team of Occupational Psychologists are experienced in a developing robust assessment solutions.

Customisation Options

Our assessments and platform set up the way you need it to be with customisation options.

Report Manager

Recruiting on the go? Add Report Manager to your account to get scores and reports in your inbox.

Candidate Experience

Improve your candidate experience with our uniquely affordable solutions.

How It Works

Three simple steps is all it takes to start identifying future talent for your organisation!

How We're Different

Top 10 reasons to consider Big 5 Assessments as your Psychometric Testing supplier.

Big 5 Assessments

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