Pricing Plans

Whether you've got a big recruitment campaign or are just starting out, our flexible pricing means we have a plan that works for you!

Per Candidate

From £60 per candidate

  • Personality, Cognitive, Attitude & Engagement
  • All Job Fit Reports
  • Your own Dashboard account
  • Online support only
  • Big 5 branded account
Unlimited Use Licence

From £1,500 per annum

  • Personality, Cognitive, Attitude & Engagement
  • All Job Fit Reports
  • Your own Dashboard account
  • Unlimited telephone and online support
  • Custom branded account

Pricing Options

Pricing options to suit your requirements and budget.

The number of candidates you are looking to assess, the number of employees you have and the number of vacancies you typically recruit for determines the most effective solution. Our advisors will help you to determine the optimum solution for your requirements. Either way, it's reassuring to know that our assessments pay for themselves if they help to prevent just one poor hiring decision in a year!

International Pricing

Pricing is also available in Euros and Dollars – please contact us for pricing in international currencies.

Per Candidate Pricing

Our per candidate (or "Unit") based pricing is the ideal way to try the assessments.

You still benefit from FREE set up and support, and the price includes access to all of our four core assessments.

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Per Vacancy Pricing

Our per vacancy pricing is perfect for volume based recruitment campaigns where you want to assess every applicant to help you identify the best, but without the annual commitment of the unlimited use licence.

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Unlimited Use Licence Pricing

Our unlimited use subscriptions for assessing unlimited candidates starts at just £1,500 per annum and many of our clients end up paying "Pence, not Pounds" for their assessment use!

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Get A Bespoke Quote

Interested in using our assessments? Let us know your situation and requirements and we'll create a bespoke quote for your consideration.

Alternatively, give us a call today to discuss your needs with one of our team – call +44 (0)1865 784 290.

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