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How well do you know your candidates?

29th July 2019

The hiring process can be stressful and daunting at the best of times. Finding the right candidates is a tricky process. We all know that people tell little white lies on their CVs, maybe exaggerate a little, in order to be perceived a certain way. But, how can you tell when this is happening and to what extent can you understand the candidate’s true work attitude through the screening and interview process? The truth is that it is often impossible to gain an accurate understanding of a person through typical interview procedures. That is where attitude assessments can greatly support your decision-making process.

What Are Attitude Assessments?

Attitude assessments are pretty much what they say on the tin! They can be a great way of ensuring that you hire the right people for your company. These assessments will inform you all about the potential employee’s counter-productive behaviours, or behaviours which can negatively impact upon your workplace. Attitude assessments are particularly useful during the pre-screening process, as they only take a short time for the interviewee to complete but will give you a whole host of information.

The Big 5 Assessment’s attitude assessment only takes five minutes for the candidates to complete and gives you information on so many different aspects of their attitude and personality. It will provide you with simple and easy to understand results on the following areas: hostility, aggression, integrity, good impressions, substance abuse, sexual harassment and computer misuse. This information provides you with crucial knowledge about a prospective employee, before investing time and money into them.

Why Should My Company Invest in Attitude Assessments?

Research has shown that attitude testing and assessments can reduce involuntary turnover, absenteeism and inappropriate workplace behaviours. As a result of this, it can lead to a better working environment for all. This is because you would find out about negative behaviours at the beginning of the screening process, rather than when the candidate is hired. This could save you a lot of time and money. Wouldn’t you want to know that the person you were considering hiring has a tendency to be aggressive or dishonest? A short five-minute test can provide you with the information you need in order to make an informed decision.


You need to know that the people you are hiring are the right fit for your company. Using attitude assessments can take a lot of the uncertainty out of this process, enabling you to hire honest and hard-working people. If used at the beginning of the screening process, you will be able to effectively narrow down potential clients quickly. Therefore, making sure you find the right person, who shares your business ideals and attitudes.

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About the Author:

Nikky van Bommel is the Marketing Director for Big 5 Assessments and has worked in the Psychometric Testing industry for over 10 years. Nikky is responsible for all marketing and social media for the organisation.

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