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Delivery driver case study

13th April 2020
Findings following our work with a company hiring drivers.

How were they recruiting?
– CV sift – criteria: location/licence validity/job history/previous experience
– Pre-screen telephone interview with Branch Manager (BM) + references
– Initial interview with BM – competency criteria: presentation/confidence/reliability/problem-solving,
– Group interview with General Manager (GM) – competency criteria: confidence/teamwork/presentation

Following engagement, driver performance competencies were established and reviewed regularly by BM or GM as per the checklist – average company-wide scores were 70% to 74%. Any shortfalls in driver performance or regular discrepancies were addressed with off-site training, field accompaniment or on- the-job coaching.

  • Driver met all aspects of the required dress code 

  • Driver checked through all available paperwork before departure 

  • Driver properly loaded vehicle with appropriate loads/consignments 

  • Driver ensured vehicle was highway ready, including fuel, maps, etc. 

  • Driver choose appropriate journey plan 

  • Driver filled out name and departure time on the delivery schedule 

  • Driver used proper driving techniques and did not speed. 

  • Driver used maps and/or written directions to assist in finding locations 

  • Driver arrived on time as scheduled or called if running late 

  • Driver was careful to unload in safety using proper lifting methods 

  • Driver recorded all required information onto the delivery ticket 

  • Driver obtained a GRN and logged any returns 

  • Driver properly secured returns in the delivery vehicle 

  • Driver filled out name and return time on the delivery schedule 

  • Driver removed all returned items from the vehicle 

  • Driver re-scheduled undone deliveries 

  • Paperwork was double checked for accuracy – GRNs were turned in to the appropriate person 

  • Driver cleaned and serviced the delivery vehicle after completion of the route

Despite these measures the UK driver turnover year-on-year averaged 62%, rising to 75% in two regions (South West & London).

Big 5 Assessments was implemented at an early stage before CV sift and focused primarily on:

  • Job-related behavioural traits (personality)
    • Propensity to engage in counter-productive work behaviours (attitude)
    • Basic non-driver skills (literacy & maths)
    • Essential work-related prerequisites (licence, location, driving history, etc)

Only those applicants scoring an 80% match (or greater) were taken through to BM interview using standardised interview questions for behavioural and attitudinal validation.

BMs were advised that a combination of both the ‘Driver’ & ‘Customer Service’ benchmarks were the most appropriate since they incorporated the following competencies: “Positions involving operation of a van or truck for route driving to deliver and/or pick up goods, to plan drop routes and requirements by studying schedules + Positions that entail basic support and direct interaction with customers either by phone or face to face”.

The successful driver candidates were then assessed daily by their Supervisors against the existing company–wide driver performance competencies.

Within weeks it was found that their ability to perform the tasks to the required level of competence increased significantly (up to 90% scores were recorded in the first few weeks later rising to 95% or 100% in many cases).

Within 6 months of JobSift implementation, the driver turnover had fallen to 42% and continued to fall to a base of 21% overall within 12 months. [For legal reasons we are unable to report on integrity and conscientiousness factors but the incidence of driver-related ‘disciplinary’ issues reduced substantially during the same period.]

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About the Author:

Nikky van Bommel is the Marketing Director for Big 5 Assessments and has worked in the Psychometric Testing industry for over 10 years. Nikky is responsible for all marketing and social media for the organisation.