What   does   employee   turnover   cost   you?

This Employee Turnover Cost Calculator provides a structure to establish the costs associated with your levels of employee turnover and will allow you to determine how much impact employee turnover is really having on your bottom line.

Employee Turnover Cost Calculator

We all recognise that employee turnover is often destructive, time consuming and costly. Most will be familiar with quotes of abstract numbers from blog articles, CIPD website reports, etc. But it is not always high on the "must fix" list of HR and senior management and leadership teams as it is sometimes difficult to try and establish a "true" cost for your own organisation.

This Employee Turnover Cost Calculator also shows you how much money can be saved for every percentage improvement you can make in your employee retention efforts. Each time you calculate your costs, we'll generate a 10-Point Personal Employee Turnover Report and we'll even email you a copy of it as well! The results will help you create a compelling business case, backed up with your own numbers so that you can convince others that addressing employee turnover is a "must".


Simply fill in the form below, if you don’t have this data to hand you can still use the calculator and use best estimates to give you a guide. You are welcome to use this calculator as many times as you like.

Don't worry, you can submit your details and come back and tweak the numbers as you see fit without having to re-enter all your details each time.

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