Big 5 Assessments is the new way to recruit your next employee

Based in Oxford (UK), we are a worldwide provider of pre-employment assessments, tests and online recruitment software for business use.

Our range of pre-employment tests and assessments help Recruiters, Hiring Managers and HR Professionals to identify future talent, look beyond the CV and objectively improve their recruitment effectiveness.

"Job Fit" Technology

– Intelligent recruitment assessments.

Personality Questionnaire

The Personality Assessment measures the "Big Five" personality traits and behavioural characteristics.

Cognitive Ability Test

The Cognitive Ability Test measures an individuals ability, speed of problem solving and learning styles.

Attitude Assessment

The Attitude Assessment measures counter-productive behaviours during the pre-hire screening process.

Engagement Survey

The Engagement Survey measures the engagement between an individual, their job and also to their employer.

Advanced Reasoning Tests

Advanced Reasoning Tests to assess Numerical, Verbal & Spatial Reasoning Ability as well as a Vocabulary Test.

Big 5 Assessments

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