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Finding the best candidate with vocabulary tests

27th February 2017
A good vocabulary is crucial in many roles, and vocabulary tests are a key tool in the recruitment process.
In virtually every industry and every company, there are roles which require individuals to have a broad vocabulary which allows them to communicate ideas coherently. Sometimes candidates with the strongest vocabularies do not come across well in their CVs, which can be quite formulaic, with limited space to demonstrate their creativity and skill with words. If recruiters cannot see beyond the CVs of the candidates before them, they run the risk of missing out on some of the most verbally gifted individuals. That’s where vocabulary testing can really help in the recruitment process.
Why a strong vocabulary?
Although not every job requires a candidate to be a wizard with words, the ability to communicate ideas clearly is vital in almost every role. In most positions, being able to communicate well both verbally and in writing is a skill which cannot be undervalued. Of course, there are certain situations where a strong vocabulary is absolutely crucial to an individual’s ability to perform their role and fulfil their potential, and that’s when vocabulary testing comes into its own.
What is vocabulary testing?
Vocabulary testing is a way for recruiters to gauge an individual’s verbal dexterity. With the most well-formulated vocabulary tests, this means testing a candidate’s knowledge of the meaning of different words and how they appear in context, and challenging them with some rarely heard words and phrases.
The vocabulary tests available from Big 5 Assessments have been specially designed to challenge candidates and help recruiters find those individuals with the broadest vocabularies and strongest grasp of the English language. For roles where rapid comprehension and articulation are necessary, or where presentation and communication skills are highly prized, these tests are ideal.
Find out more

Vocabulary tests from Big 5 Assessments are particularly valuable if the position you are seeking to fill requires a candidate who can communicate and understand complex language. To find out more about how these tests can help in the recruitment process, simply download our information pack or get in touch today.

About the Author:

Nikky van Bommel is the Marketing Director for Big 5 Assessments and has worked in the Psychometric Testing industry for over 10 years. Nikky is responsible for all marketing and social media for the organisation.

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